Spring DIY: Cactus Garland

Hello again everyone!

As I promised, here is the adorable cactus garland DIY I’ve been working on in honor of spring/summer, sunshine, and warm weather. I’m actually glad that I didn’t get this finished and posted yesterday because this DIY was not inspired by nor intended to be associated with Cinco de Mayo. I love a good holiday, particularly when it involves copious amounts of drinking and cheer (hello 4th of July), buttttt I’m not looking to use that as an excuse for cultural appropriation.

I know, “cultural appropriation.” But before you accuse me of hopping on the politically correct bandwagon, I just don’t feel like Cinco de Mayo is my holiday, you know? I don’t identify with it, it comes from a cool culture I have a lot of respect for, but that’s not my culture. I did learn a lot about it in school as a function of where I’m from (the town I grew up in is probably 1/2 hispanic), and if you don’t know what the battle of Puebla is about, google it ya’ll.


This DIY was inspired by the following post on Pinterest:

I saw the picture and knew I had to recreate this for my apartment. The source blog for the original garland is Sel De Viking, a french craft-blog specializing in printables. You can see the original printable that served as the inspiration for my version here. My DIY will focus on how to create the cacti from scratch and put together the garland DIY style 😊

Supplies You’ll Need:


For the first step, draw out the cactus shapes you’d like to use on whichever green color you’d like to serve as the base.Β I decided to let the Sel De Viking version inspire what my cacti looked like, but you could google different types of cactus and draw up whichever kind you like.

The saguero-type cacti were the hardest to draw out, the other two are basic shapes, oblong ovals and circles.


Once you are satisfied with the shapes of your cacti, use your white-out tape or traditional white-out paint to flick on short, diagonal lines to create the “needle” effect. I didn’t think about where I was placing my “needles” at all and just let it happen. I think that strategy was pretty successful.


Now its time to add the flower accents! Again, you do you, draw them onto the pink craft paper in the shape and size you like. Make as few or as many as you think fit. I decided to follow the example from Sel De Viking again, but if you want 5 flowers on the dang cactus, put 5 Β flowers on the dang cactus!! Use your craft glue to affix the flowers near the top of each cactus.


Finally, once the flowers are glued and set, use your hole punch to punch holes in the top of each cacti and string them together with twine to form the garland. I used twine similar to this from Target.

I spaced my cacti fairly far apart, so I ended up getting two garlands out of it. One I hung across the doorway to our kitchen, the other in our living room window.



Close-up of the three different cacti-styles I used.

And there you have it! An adorable, spring/summer appropriate garland perfect for summer parties or just to decorate your space. 🌡

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